Spring is officially upon us and that means everyone will want to get outside and stretch their legs. If your older loved one finds it difficult to move around, however, you should avoid going on a strenuous hike; instead, try engaging in these fun spring activities to welcome the season.

  • Try birdwatching: This might seem a little cliche, but birdwatching is a fun, informational activity that the whole family can enjoy. It’s especially perfect in the spring since countless birds have come out of hiding in order to start building their nests. Set up a picnic in the park and grab your binoculars for a fun afternoon of wildlife and sunshine. You can even make a game out of it if your loved one enjoys a bit of friendly competition. If your loved one hates it, then you can always laugh about how boring it was later.
  • Go to a spring festival: There are few views as beautiful as watching the flowers start to bud in spring. With so many spring festivals starting up, there will be countless concerts and events to enjoy. Nowadays, most venues have ample seating and senior-friendly events. Your loved one will love bringing back souvenirs and freshly picked flowers to their assisted living home.
  • Decorate their home: Start feeling festive with your loved one by decorating their nursing home with plenty of fresh flowers, spring colors, and floral prints.
  • Plant a garden: Even if your loved one is living in an assisted living community, you can still create a small window garden when you have the right tools. Get plenty of spring seeds and fresh soil to start growing your favorite herbs and plants.
  • Try fishing for the first time: Fishing is fun for older individuals because it’s accessible for just about anyone. Whether your loved one is wheelchair-bound or stays in a memory care facility, this fun hobby offers the best in relaxation. This leisurely activity is a great opportunity to sit in the sun and catch up with each other on the water. For the truly competitive, it can even spark a little challenge. Whether you’re battling to see who can catch the most fish or you’re teaching your loved one how to cast a line for the first time, everyone will enjoy the allure of fishing in spring.

These are just some of the wonderful activities you can enjoy with your loved one this spring. For more ideas and information on assisted living apartments, contact Heritage Hills of Oceanside. Caregivers provided more than 18.2 billion hours of unpaid care in 2016 — enjoy the time you spend with your loved one by relying on 24 hour licensed nursing to ensure their safety.