The best senior memory care community dedicates its services to providing your loved ones with the best possible living conditions in their sunset years. These services are collectively known as assisted living. Assisted living facilities can be housed in apartments, villas, shared quarters, or individual rooms.

The best assisted living facilities ensure that their residents are given an experience close to that of living at home. The best assisted living facilities will hire and work with trained and experienced staff to make your loved one’s life enjoyable. If yours is a special case, such as dealing with any kind of memory impairment while facing old age, specialized caregivers will be your loved one’s refuge and they shouldn’t be turned away.

The staff at a senior memory care community do excellent work. And this is partly made possible by memory care units providing round the clock supervised care to the residents. What do you need to do to find the best memory care plan in a secure memory care community?

You need to:

  • Talk with your loved one and reach an agreement
  • Identify the services your loved one might need assistance with
  • Be aware of the professional therapy services offered at the care facility

While you’re using these guidelines to find the right plan and talking with your loved one about moving them to a senior home, there may come a time when it’s no longer a matter of choice but one of necessity. Here are a few instances in which you should move from planning to action.

1. Dealing with Advanced Age and Memory Impairments

One of the main challenges faced in a senior memory care community is professionally handling this combination. A good example is when your loved one is living with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. You might be torn between searching for a nursing home or a dementia treatment facility first.

However, seeking treatment for dementia and giving care to your aging loved one in one go isn’t as hard as you might imagine. All you need to do is look for a senior living facility that provides specialized memory care. This care should come in the form of physicians at the facility as well in the accessible layout of the building.

2. Having Difficulties Getting Around

Aging is just a part of life and if your loved one becomes a wheelchair user at some point, they might face hardships getting around. The challenge of not being able to get around can result in psychological problems. When they are living in an unfavorable space, they can become frustrated and depressed by their inabilities to perform even the simplest tasks.

As renovating their home to make it more wheelchair accessible can be a costly undertaking, it may make more sense to look for a senior living facility for them. If such a facility is wheelchair-friendly, has specialized caregivers, and recreational facilities, then your loved one will in no doubt enjoy their sunset years.

3. Experiencing Challenges Living Alone

They say that with age comes wisdom. However, they don’t address the loss of independence that comes with age.

As their age advances, your loved on will have increased challenges making their food, doing laundry, and even remembering basic things. Facing all these challenges by themselves has the potential of accelerating psychological problems, which in some cases, might lead to undesirable consequences.

To guarantee their safety and peace of mind, it is vital to find them a loving assisted living home. In such a home, they’ll experience many comforts, including

  • Their laundry is done
  • Their meals are made
  • They engage in recreational activities
  • Their medication is monitored
  • They are guaranteed round the clock medical attention

If your loved one is facing memory impairments or other signs that they can no longer live alone, you may need to consider moving them to a specialized senior home. Contact Heritage Hills today to learn more about the peace of mind they can provide for both you and your loved one.