A whopping 70% of U.S. citizens turning 65 will at one point or another need long-term care. Truth is, not all families are in a position to offer their dear ones round the clock home care. This is where a nursing home becomes an excellent option for people in need of high quality, 24 hour care. Thanks to assisted living facilities, even people with Alzheimer’s disease can enjoy the comfort of a secure memory care community.

On the flip side, the idea of a loved one living in a care facility is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow. However, decision-making becomes easier when researching about the best nursing facility. It is during this time that the notion of assisted living starts sinking in, thus allowing everyone to properly adjust. For a dear one who can make a choice, acknowledging and honoring their wishes is always crucial. In case of impairment like memory loss, decision-making is up to you and this usually means looking for a secure memory care community.

The process of selecting a nursing facility can at times seem arduous. However, things become way much easier if you know what to keep an eye on. Here are tips to help you make an informed decision when looking for a nursing home Oceanside CA trusts.

1. Size and Location

Location is a major factor that needs serious consideration when looking for a nursing facility. Being near your family is essential in case you are the one needing assisted living care. If you’re scouting for a nursing facility for someone you love, ensure that you can easily visit them. Remember that an hour’s drive can seem okay in the beginning, but it might be an uphill task after a long day at work. In case of a distant facility, ensure that it is near a trusted person ready to take care of your dear one.

The nursing home’s size also matters and it should address the preferences and personality of the individual needing care. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Is your dear one outgoing and social, or quiet and introverted?
  • Will an area with lots of people offer a good environment for the loved one?
  • Is there an outdoor area where the person can walk around? If yes, is it safe and easily accessible?
  • Is there sufficient space that offers silent places as well as activity areas for residents to do what they want?

2. Services

Different assisted living facilities offer different health care services. If a secure memory care community is what you have in mind, you need to go for a home offering exactly that. Whereas the need for services that meet the person’s needs can’t be overemphasized, improving his/her quality of life is equally important. For instance, the dining and meal experience can make all the difference when it comes to your dear one’s satisfaction.

3. Staffing

Now that you’ll be leaving your dear one in the hands of the facility’s staff members, figuring out their professionalism and attitude is key. Spending a generous amount of time watching the staff as well as asking tons of questions will help you make the best decision. Ensure that staff members are respectful and warm as these are qualities that help foster a secure memory care community.

4. Independence and Choice

Living in a nursing home worries most people because they feel like they’ll no longer enjoy the freedom to make personal choices. Sure, people in need of assisted living cannot do a lot of things they used to before. But there are some freedoms that no one should interfere with as long as your dear one is mentally stable. Some of these include an activity a person loves, preferred sleeping/waking time, and favorite TV shows.

Bottom Line

Despite many people today needing nursing home care, the decision to have a loved one stay in an assisted living facility is never easy. A lot could go wrong if caution is thrown to the wind. Even so, knowing what to look out for ensures that your dear one is in a safe pair of hands. The above tips will point you in the right direction when looking for a good nursing home.