Alzheimers is a condition that affects millions of elderly individuals worldwide. It takes a lot to care for someone with this disease due to how difficult it makes everyday tasks. In fact, nearly 40% of residents of assisted living homes received help with three or more activities every day. At Alzheimers care facilities, specialized caregivers are needed to perform needs-specific duties for their residents. Here are just a few.

  1. Medicine Administration
    Specialized caregivers at memory care facilities are charged with ensuring residents take their prescribed medication every day. This is something especially important at Alzheimers care facilities because of the nature of the disease. Well-regimented medical treatment can help build a routine.
  2. Behavioral Training
    Depending on the stage of dementia, residents will be grouped together and receive instruction from staff members. Specialized caregivers are well versed in the medical research involving dementia and actively implement strategies that integrate effective behavior and memory games into the daily lives of their residents.
  3. 24 Hour Assistance
    If a patient gets confused, lost, or disoriented at any time, a staff member will be there to help them recover. The availability of staff at night can help prevent falls and avoidable injuries. This is incredibly important as people with Alzheimers often have trouble sleeping and tend to be awake at odd hours.
  4. Hygienic Care
    Forgetting to bathe is one of the most common problems people with dementia encounter. A trained staff will schedule and monitor residents’ hygienic progress. If they need help bathing, brushing their teeth, or using the bathroom, the staff will accommodate their needs.
  5. Clothing Care
    Another common thing for dementia patients to forget is washing and changing their clothes. Alongside hygiene, having a change of clothes can improve morale and the overall condition of a resident. Looking and feeling presentable is a big quality of life boost that should not be overlooked.

As Alzheimers progresses it will become more and more difficult for those afflicted to perform daily tasks. Specialized caregivers are there to help make life easier, and work on developing various memory techniques for residents. If you have a loved one living with dementia, contact us to learn more about our memory care facility.