Top Questions to Ask When Looking For a Memory Care Community

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When considering a memory care plan for your elderly loved one, one of the first concerns is how to find a specialized care facility that's right for their needs. It's important for memory care centers to offer supervised care for residents round the clock, but what other qualities should you look for when making the best [...]

How To Help Your Loved One Move To A Memory Care Facility

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Moving your loved one to a memory care facility or other assisted living home can be a difficult transition, but moving home can be a little easier with a few simple tricks. Here are some of the primary tips to help move your loved one into their new memory care facility. Only keep the essentials It [...]

What Is Early-Onset Alzheimers Disease?

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Though the majority of people who live with Alzheimers disease are over the age of 65, there is a growing population of individuals who may receive a diagnosis before this age. But what is early-onset Alzheimers disease and what does it mean if I am diagnosed? Here are some facts and statistics regarding early-onset Alzheimers and [...]

3 Ways Your Mental Health Can Change As You Age

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There are countless ways your mental health can change as you age. Unfortunately, this isn't just a biological issue; mental health changes are a result of an accumulation of factors, including biological factors, social changes, and other psychological shifts. All of these factors are more likely to happen at big life transitions, including college graduations, marriages, [...]

What You Should Know About Alzheimers Disease?

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Alzheimers disease and dementia are two mental health conditions that typically affect older individuals. You may have noticed signs of forgetfulness among your older relatives or coworkers. Almost everyone has had an experience with this debilitating disease, but few people know about its causes, symptoms, and Alzheimers treatment options. Here's what you should know about Alzheimers. [...]

Tips To Create A Memory Care Plan For Your Loved One

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When your loved one enters a retirement community or memory care facility, you may want to think about creating a memory care plan. This plan will differ depending on the needs of the individual and the services offered by a memory care facility. However, there are some common threads in creating a memory care plan that [...]

How Technology Can Benefit Seniors

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  It's a rule of thumb that senior citizens and technology don't get along. But despite this societal norm, seniors are among those who can benefit most from the recent innovations in technology. Though it can be hard to introduce technology to seniors, once they start using the internet, they rarely slow down. In fact, six [...]

Green Spaces And The Impact They Have On The Mind

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A fascinating article posted on described the link between green spaces and the mind. Evidence already exists showing the connection between cognitive decline and dementia to urban pollution and lifestyle -- by switching the focus and taking a look at the possible benefits of green environments, researchers at Barcelona Institute for Global Health were hoping to [...]

How To Look After Your Mental Health In Retirement

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If you're at the age of retirement, you may be concerned about taking care of your mental health. Whether you're entering assisted living facilities, living at home, or moving to an Alzheimers care facility near you, mental health changes can affect anyone around the age of 63, the average age of retirement. Here are some of [...]

5 Reasons Adult Children May Not Consider Nursing Homes

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There's a largely undiscussed issue in this country. Over 15 million American citizens are acting as unpaid caregivers for people with Alzheimer's or other types of dementia. Most of those caregivers are children looking after their parents. This is unfair for everyone involved, but many family members feel an obligation to take over this responsibility. Here [...]