Unfortunately, our bodies don’t stay the same forever. And until immortality becomes a thing, we have a number of health changes to experience as we begin to grow older.

Here are some of the primary ways our bodies may change as we begin to age.


Vision issues

Whether it’s hereditary or years of hard work, our vision will start to change once we reach our 40s and 50s. Common signs of vision changes include difficulty reading up close or in dim lighting, experiencing glares, and a reduction in the number of tears our eyes produce.


Cardiovascular issues

It’s common for people’s hearts to start pumping more slowly as we age. Our hearts may even grow in size as our body changes! Hypertension and other cardiovascular issues may begin due to the constriction of our arteries and the stiffening of our blood vessels. This makes the heart work harder to push blood through, leading to high blood pressure.

Bone and joint issues

Bones can begin to shrink as we age. Our bone density will also become smaller, making them more prone to fractures due to a fall or blunt trauma. This can also result in problems with our joints and lead to arthritis if we don’t get the proper amounts of calcium and vitamin D.


Memory issues

Our brains may also suffer as we age. Though the direct cause for Alzheimers disease and dementia isn’t known for sure, countless assisted living apartments and memory care facilities help elderly individuals with their day to day lives as they suffer from a difficult disease. If you start to notice small changes in the short term and long term memory of your loved ones, it’s recommended that they enter a dementia treatment facility for specialized care.

It’s estimated that there are over 15 million Americans working as unpaid caregivers for people, most commonly relatives, who suffer from Alzheimers or dementia. When you want to get the best treatment for your elderly loved one, contact Heritage Hills of Oceanside today for assisted living apartments and more. Your loved one deserves the best care in their retirement. Visit us online today.