Moving your loved one to a memory care facility or other assisted living home can be a difficult transition, but moving home can be a little easier with a few simple tricks. Here are some of the primary tips to help move your loved one into their new memory care facility.

Only keep the essentials

It might seem impossible to purge your home of your favorite memories and belongings. Unfortunately, downsizing is often a necessary component of moving into a memory care facility. This is why it’s recommended that you only save the essentials when it comes to this major life transition.

Luckily, saving pictures and memories has never been easier thanks to the internet. Cloud storage and drive files help your loved one upload and save their favorite images which they can access from almost anywhere. Uploading and arranging these files may take time, but breaking it up into smaller tasks and setting deadlines can make this all the easier.

Rely on movers

Arranging travel and moving details ahead of time will help to ensure all your loved one’s belongings stay safe. Not only will this help protect your stuff, but it also reduces the strain put on the body. As your loved one begins to mentally transition to a new way of living, the last thing they need is a pulled muscle or broken bone because of the physical aspects of the move. An experienced mover will be more efficient than your family members and assure that your goods stay safe.

Choose the right memory care nursing home

Did you know that almost half of the states which provide memory care facilities are regulated? It’s estimated that 23 out of 50 are regulated by special care unit disclosure laws.

This means that each of these facilities will disclose every aspect of residential care to ensure that your loved one receives the best care possible. Even though they might not help you do the heavy lifting, your secure memory care center will provide the specialized care documented in their disclosure regulations. This will help your loved one know what they’re getting into and what to expect, making for a smoother transition.

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