How You Know it’s Time to Seek Help

assisted living apartmentsRight now there are over 15 million Americans caring for their loved ones. These caregivers are unpaid and caring for people with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Providing care is a difficult responsibility that only gets more difficult with time. If you are one of these 15 million people, it’s important to realize that its okay to look for help.

For some, that caregiver task means you support your aging loved one by driving to the grocery store with them and helping with day to day tasks. For others, the care has transformed into a constant effort where your loved one has moved in with you and you are managing complex medical tasks like daily shots or changing catheter bags. In either situation there comes a point when the care you are providing begins to wear on your own health, at which point its time to seek help.

Assisted living apartments provide the care your loved one needs along with the environment to feel independent. Many people fear becoming a burden on their families as they grow older. And the more stress you feel from the day to day tasks of caring for your loved one, the more strain you may put on your relationship. By utilizing an assisted living facility you’re actually returning some independence to your loved one and your relationship can become more focused on spending quality time together. It’s not giving up or deciding you don’t care.

Assisted living apartments provide an active environment for seniors to live, along with specialized caregivers and more freedom. With a great support system and newfound independence, your loved one will feel less like they are burdening others. As much as you may want to be with them around the clock, you’ll both reap the benefits of assisted living facilities. Your health is important, and being a caregiver can take its toll. While your focus is solely on giving your loved one exactly what they need every day, you may not realize that you aren’t giving yourself what you need every day. By seeking help in an assisted living environment, you’re helping both yourself and your loved one at the same time.