Placing a parent or loved one in a memory care community can be heart-wrenching decision. Family members naturally want to keep those they love close, but as memory loss progresses, the challenge of providing care can become overwhelming.

Heritage Hills Memory Care

Heritage Hills Memory Care provides a place where a new phase of life can begin for those with memory loss. With a network of people at their disposal around-the-clock — including highly trained caregivers and nurses, activity directors, chefs, launderers, and housekeepers — those in our care enjoy greater comfort, security, and social enrichment than was possible at home. This network of caregivers and fellow residents creates a community of familiar faces and compassionate friends.

Things your loved one will enjoy at Heritage Hills

At Heritage Hills Memory Care your loved one will enjoy:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly activities tailored to his or her likes and hobbies
  • Ongoing programs that emphasize past accomplishments, careers, culture, and traditions
  • A resort-style menu program that emphasizes brain health
  • Four distinct dining rooms, including one to protect the privacy of those needing assistance with dining
  • Regular housekeeping and laundry services
  • The ability to have their pet
  • A completely secure community in which they are free to explore
  • Beautifully designed living spaces and activity centers
  • A movie theater
  • Outdoor lounge and entertainment areas, including a garden for residents who wish to get their hands dirty
  • Regular social gatherings, outings, and scenic drives
  • Short-term and respite stays, if needed

Our services for you

You will receive:

  • Daily Sagely App updates showing activities your loved one participated in, including pictures
  • Regular support and educational meetings for families dealing with memory loss.
  • Easy accessibility to our facility for frequent visiting
  • Regular invitations to family gatherings and celebrations
  • The comfort of knowing your loved one is thriving in their new home

Heritage Hills Memory Care offers convenient short-term respite care services at an all-inclusive daily rate. During a short-term stay, residents will receive the same amenities as our long-term residents who proudly call Heritage Hills home.

You might consider short-term respite care when you need:

  • Support after a hospital stay
  • Continued short-term rehabilitation after a skilled nursing stay
  • A place to stay when an emergency has made your home unsafe or uninhabitable
  • A temporary living arrangement while your caregiver takes a vacation or break
  • A trial-run to experience what Heritage Hills has to offer. This is a great way to see how you fit in with the residents here before you decide to become a full-time resident

Heritage Hills Memory Care Design with a Purpose

Many memory care communities are created as an afterthought — they are assisted living facilities roughly converted to meet new demand in the market. The spaces meet state health and safety requirements, but do not meet the needs of memory-impaired individuals. Heritage Hills was designed and built with the singular purpose of creating the right environment for world-class memory care. Every living space and common area — even the building itself— speaks directly to the unique needs of our residents. Add to that an experienced staff of memory care professionals trained to understand the challenges our residents face and provide the personal care they need.

Here are just a few of the unique design elements our campus offers…

  • Intimate group settings:Those with memory loss can be easily overwhelmed, confused, or distracted when faced with large groups or spaces. At Heritage Hills, there is no noisy cafeteria or large gathering hall. Our residents enjoy quieter small-group spaces for dining, activity, and leisure. These smaller groupings offer peaceful surroundings; enable personalized care; and strengthen relationships among the residents, their families, and our caregivers. We recognize the value of strong social support in improving our residents’ emotional and physical health and general well-being. We want them to be comfortable and worry-free in their surroundings.
  • Modular furnishings: Our small gathering spaces can be configured in multiple ways to accommodate a variety of activities.This makes it possible to keep groupings small without limiting the range of experiences our residents can enjoy.
  • Private dining: For those who need extra assistance during mealtime, Heritage Hills has a designated private dining room. This ensures the privacy of each individual and helps present their dignity. Additional staff members remain on hand during meal times to help as residents need them.
  • Calming spa: To promote comfort and relaxation, Heritage Hills offers residents a relaxing spa complete with essential oils and a hydrotherapy tub.
  • Therapy Garden: Recent studies support the benefits of therapeutic gardens for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Our outdoor veranda offers a therapy garden designed to help reduced pain, improve attention, diminish stress, modulate agitation, and curtail the need for medications.
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