Having a parent who is starting to show signs of memory loss can be extremely difficult for everyone involved. Your entire life, your parents seemed untouchable. Now, as they continue to age poorly each year, you’re noticing that they are, just like everybody else, human after all.

Almost 70% of all Americans turning 65 years old will need long-term healthcare at some point. Since your professional and personal career is already as hectic as it is, giving up all your responsibilities to care for your aging loved ones simply isn’t a feasible option. Your best bet, which can feel like a tough pill to swallow, is to take your parent to visit some nursing homes.

Unfortunately, there is quite the negative stigma associated with nursing homes across the United States. But that’s not the case at all, provided that you and your parent are only considering high quality specialized care facilitates. Here are some things you should look for in order to ensure that your elderly parent will be in good hands as they deal with all the struggles of aging:

  • Strong focus on memory care — Memory loss is often the most common issue associated with age. Everyone deals with minor memory issues from time to time, but these issues can actually spiral into major cognitive health concerns if left untreated. High quality nursing facilities offer specialized memory care, assisting your parent with everything from short-term memory skills to reflecting on their past. Especially if your parent is showing signs of Alzheimer’s, which currently 5 million people in the U.S. have, memory assistance is extremely important in nursing homes.
  • Recreational offerings — Just because your parents are in their elderly years doesn’t mean they can’t have some fun. Sadly, there are nursing homes located in the U.S. that care for their residents but neglect their recreational needs. When visiting nursing home facilities, make sure that there are fun activities that your parents will enjoy.
  • Friendly and compassionate staff — No one wants to leave their parent with Ben Stiller’s character from Happy Gilmore. Make sure that each and every staff member is friendly so you know your parents are in good hands.

If you are searching for high quality memory care facilities, consider visiting Heritage Hills of Oceanside — and good luck!