When your loved one enters a retirement community or memory care facility, you may want to think about creating a memory care plan. This plan will differ depending on the needs of the individual and the services offered by a memory care facility. However, there are some common threads in creating a memory care plan that works for your loved one.

Here are some tips when you’re thinking about creating a memory care plan.

Choose the best living facility

A memory care plan can differ from person to person. Some retirees may feel comfortable in senior community living or other assisted living home. This option allows more independence for the individual, but still offers the benefits of specialized caregivers and retirement care when needed.

You might also want to think about a memory care center. If your loved one is experiencing deleterious effects of Alzheimers or dementia, relying on 24 hour licensed nursing becomes a necessary part of the memory care plan. Memory care units typically provide supervised care for residents 24 hours a day.

Address important concerns

When you’re talking with a specialized caregiver for your loved one, it’s important to address the most pressing concerns you have regarding their health and wellness. This might include social issues, including the need for communication and establishing check-ups regarding emotional health. Whatever is important to you must be discussed with the memory care facility.

Money management

As your loved one requires more Alzheimers treatment, managing money may prove difficult. As such, money management and financial arrangements should be established as a part of the memory care plan with the dementia treatment facility or other assisted living community.

Make arrangements for the future

Alzheimers and dementia often worsen as your loved one ages. Though your family member may live in an independent living situation now, as their health declines, it’s important to know where they’re going next. A memory care facility or other 24 hour care service may be a great option for your loved one. It might also be wise to discuss end of life care and options surrounding hard-to-ask questions such as these. Simply establishing a plan for the future can relieve a lot of the stress you may feel in the present.

A memory care plan is something that you should work out with your loved one, a memory care or retirement facility, and even the help of a lawyer. When you want to ensure your loved one is getting the best care in their retirement, rely on the nurses of Heritage Hills. We work hard to ensure your loved one is safe, secure, and happy in their senior years.