Serving as the primary caregiver for a loved one can be a tremendous sacrifice. You want to help in any way you can, and yet doing so can lead to both physical and mental exhaustion. It is only natural that you get to a point to need a break. There’s no reason to feel guilty about this, and there are short term respite care in Oceanside options that could be just the right fit for you and your loved one. 

Respite care is short-term relief for primary caregivers that can be arranged for a period of days or weeks depending on the needs of you and your loved one. The primary idea is that you are not alone, that help is here for you, and Heritage Hills has a short-term care program that may be able to serve your needs well. Here are ways that respite care services can benefit caregivers: 


#1.) Peace of Mind

We know you are serious about the care of your loved one and finding the right place to assist in that care is critical to your peace of mind. The highly trained caregivers and nurses at Heritage Hills will meet their needs, anticipate changes, and provide an atmosphere that is comfortable and safe. Our respite residents receive the same quality amenities during their short stay as our residents who call Heritage Hills home. While your loved one is being cared for by our qualified staff, you can have peace of mind that they are being taken care of in the best possible manner and setting. 


#2.) Relaxation

Caregivers must have time to relax, and respite care for your loved one can give you that time. Taking care of a loved one can be physically and emotionally draining and if you are the primary person responsible, chances are you do not have nearly enough time to recharge. Setting up a time period for respite care so you have time for yourself can be critical for your own health and well being. The break can restore your sense of well being. 

In addition, if your loved one is living with you, you may need to reclaim your space in order to feel at home once again within it. Even a relatively short period of time with the ability to do this can bring us back to ourselves. Heritage Hills offers options regarding the length of care and can work with you on a plan that best fits the needs of both you and your loved one.


#3.) Energy

Looking after another person can be a full-time job and even if it is a loved one, you still become exhausted and drain the energy needed for other aspects in your life. You want to provide the best care possible for your loved one; however, you cannot possibly do this when you have no energy for even the simplest tasks any longer. The truth of the matter is, there comes a time when you need trained professionals to take over and allow you the time to take that break. 

Heritage Hills memory care offers respite care services at an all-inclusive daily rate. Our staff is trained to serve your loved one comfortably and their facility not only meets all state health and safety requirements, but it is designed to meet the unique needs of its clients. If you would like to tour Heritage Hills to see if it meets the needs of your loved one, we would love to schedule a tour for you.

A senior woman and a caregiver hold hands at the short term respite care in Oceanside


#4.) Time

Even without the duties of a caregiver, it seems we seldom have enough hours in a day. So, it is no wonder you never feel you have time to do all you need to for yourself, your work, or your other family members and obligations. Respite care, especially live-in care, may be exactly what you need in order to fulfill the other expectations you have in your life. Once you become a full-time caregiver, many other areas of life take a secondary seat in your life, and they often end up overlooked for far too long. 


#5.) Health

It is amazing how looking after one person’s health often leads to neglecting your own. Mentally and physically taking time for yourself is critical. You cannot truly help another person if you do not make certain you do so for yourself. One way you can do this mentally is not neglecting the social aspects of your life. Keep in touch with your friends and consider ways to help your loved one keep in touch or make new friends of their own. 

Another way to encourage engagement with others is through a live-in respite care arrangement where there are many fun activities. Friends are met and community is formed. This type of social engagement is excellent for the mental aspect of a person’s well-being. When you pursue pleasurable activities you give your loved ones permission to do the same. It’s a win-win situation that can lead to positive benefits for all.


Short Term Respite Care in Oceanside

When you see the beauty in what Heritage Hills has to offer your loved one, you’ll discover there is nothing to feel guilty about when considering this oceanside short term respite care for them. This avenue of care can bring immeasurable benefits to you as a primary caregiver, but it can also bring about the proper care and also the experience of a community that your loved one can be part of as they enjoy the setting at Heritage Hills. One additional benefit is they may consider if this assisted living community just might be one they would enjoy living in long term when they are ready for that change. 

Contact us if you would like to know more about what we have to offer. Our qualified professionals are waiting to help make your life easier as we assist you in taking care of your loved one!