If you are considering an assisted care community for your loved one, it may be very important to find one that can provide quality care. Since the Alzheimer’s Association indicates that at least half of individuals in memory care deal with issues of dementia or cognitive impairment, Heritage Hills, a senior memory care community, is a perfect choice for your loved one. 

Let’s look at a few reasons memory care living in Oceanside may be the right choice:


#1) Importance of Design

Spaces must be easy to navigate and not overwhelming to individuals who deal with dementia or other cognitive issues. A design that has an intuitive layout and visual cues for directions can make individuals feel more comfortable and relieve stress and anxiety. 

While many community homes meet state health and safety requirements, they do not all meet the true needs of memory-impaired individuals. Heritage Hills was designed and built with the singular purpose of creating the right environment for world-class memory care. Every living space and common area — even the building itself— speaks directly to the unique needs of our residents.


#2) Safe Environment

Security is crucial for memory care individuals due to their unique needs. While we certainly do not want their home to feel like a prison, it is critical they are not hurt if they wander. Environments must be safe inside and the outdoor areas, and residents must not be able to leave the safe areas of their living community. 

Heritage Hills provides professional onsite staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure our community members’ needs are met. We also regularly assess their abilities and medical needs to make sure we know them well and keep updated and current to best keep their personal environment safe.


#3) Nutritional Care

Research shows that proper eating habits and good nutrition are often not maintained when individuals deal with memory care issues, making nutritional care as important as any other health-related function of a community home. Individuals often miss meals, have trouble with utensils, and sometimes don’t even recognize food items on their plates. 

Memory care homes like Heritage Hills can help by preparing regular, nutritional meals developed by a registered dietician to deliver the highest quality nutrition and comply with the nutritional requirements of each resident. In addition, if residents have special restrictions or needs, they can keep track of and accommodate those as well. 

In addition, for those who may need extra assistance during mealtime, Heritage Hills has a designated private dining room. This ensures the privacy of each individual and secures their dignity. Additional staff members remain on hand during meal times to help as needed. 

You can view a sample menu at Heritage Hills to see what we have to offer as your memory care living in Oceanside. 


#4) Well-trained, Collaborative Team

Memory care homes will have a staff that is trained for the specific needs of your loved ones. It is important to have caregivers who are trained to care for the needs of individuals with dementia-related issues and the cognitive problems that may arise. For individuals who deal with this, their abilities may change significantly over time, and our staff is able to monitor the changes and adapt to them. 

At Heritage Hills, our caregiving staff understands that trust is built through consistency and compassion. We make it a point to know each resident personally — their history, their likes and dislikes, and their specific memory-related needs. Extensively trained in supporting those with memory loss, our caregivers feel the joy that comes from making life better for others. We are always ready to provide compassionate assistance and support 24-hours a day.

Because our community provides a full range of care, including hospice, our residents never have to leave. We will be here for them as long as they need us. We communicate openly with family members and among our staff so our care remains flexible and ongoing as needs change. 


#5) Activity Programs

Individuals need to stay active even though they have cognitive impairments, and a community that specializes in memory care living in Oceanside can provide a variety of activities to meet the unique needs of their residents. Activity programming at the community home should provide a wide range of options that offer something for each resident, no matter what their level of language ability, reasoning ability, attention span, memory, or physical ability. Needs are unique and changing with each individual.

At Heritage Hills, we offer a wide variety of activities each month for residents to find those they enjoy to help keep them active. Activities include things such as various exercises, arts and craft sessions, puzzles and games, films and documentaries, and gardening. We hope to assist all residents in finding a variety of events they can enjoy to fill their week and help them make friends with other residents. 

A senior couple doing yoga and working out at the best memory care living in Oceanside


#6) Spaces to Relax

In addition to being active, there are times individuals need to relax and release any stress or anxiety. People need different spaces to meet a variety of needs, and at Heritage Hills we have several spaces committed to relaxation such as a calming spa complete with essential oils and a hydrotherapy tub to promote comfort and relaxation. 

In addition we have a Therapy Garden. Recent studies support the benefits of therapeutic gardens for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Our outdoor veranda offers a therapy garden designed to help reduce pain, improve attention, diminish stress, modulate agitation, and curtail the need for medications.

We also offer a beauty salon for pampering so residents can look and feel their best. At Heritage Hills we strive to be your best memory care living at Oceanside. 


#7) Maintain Connection to Family

Heritage Hills knows it’s important for you to maintain contact with your loved ones and to keep up with their health and activities. For this reason, we have a Family App so you can easily keep in touch! We want you to stay connected with your loved ones even during the times you may not be right here.


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