Many caregivers, especially those who care for family members with Alzheimer’s or dementia, may find it difficult to take care of other parts of their own lives or get the breaks they need in order to rejuvenate themselves. 

Short term respite care in Oceanside is a solution that can help both the caregiver and the individuals in need of care, and memory care communities like Heritage Hills provide the perfect place to meet all the needs of your loved ones.


What is Respite Care, and Why is it Beneficial?

Respite care can be an important part of caregiving, but many people who are taking care of members of their family have never used it. Respite care is an arrangement to have a loved one stay in a senior living community for a short time. It can give you, the caregiver, a chance to take care of important business or work, the opportunity to take a needed vacation and re-charge, time to remodel your own home, or any other situations that need your time and attention.

This type of care can also be beneficial for your loved one. Studies show that changes of scenery and other stimulants help memory and are good for physical health.


How Can Respite Care Benefit Seniors?

An Opportunity to Meet New People

When you bring your loved one to a community home like Heritage Hills, a senior memory care community, you are taking full advantage of the other residents and the friendships they can provide in their time there. 

In addition, most communities will have Activity Calendars with events to choose from to keep as busy as each individual would like. Since there are a variety of activities each day, it is easy to find a few that interest you to join in and meet others with similar interests. The activities at Heritage Hills include crafts and games, exercise, entertainment and more. 

It is easy to find ways to be involved while at the community home and to meet others to add to your enjoyment.


An Opportunity to Stimulate Your Brain

Even though seniors find comfort in routine, studies indicate cognitive health is improved through challenging the brain with change. One way to make life interesting is through a change in your space, the people you are around, and what you do daily. 

Improving or at least maintaining cognitive function is critical to a senior’s quality of life. Ways to improve brain function include playing games, engaging in social interaction and being active. These are all easier to do at a community residence. 

Other activities that help lead to positive brain stimulation, that also are easily found at residential communities, are eating well-balanced meals and sleeping well. Heritage Hills offers three delicious meals daily in a restaurant style setting that aids in our residents’ overall health and well being and has been proven to delay the progression of dementia. 

Our community offers beautifully designed gathering spaces, dining rooms, courtyards and balconies, created with the single-minded purpose of providing a safe and vibrant living space that feels like a comfortable home. This comfort can help lead to relaxing days and restful nights. 


An Opportunity to See What Community Life is Like

We live most of our lives proud to be independent, so it is very difficult to consider giving up that independence and living a life that relies more on others. This is often the first thought that comes to mind when a person considers a senior living home. 

Since there are so many reasons community living may be right for different individuals, and since residential living now offers so much more than in the past, short term respite care in Oceanside may be exactly what your loved ones need to become comfortable enough to find out if community living is right for them. 

A nurse and a senior resident go for a walk outdoors

Short Term Care at Heritage Hills

Heritage Hills Memory Care offers convenient short-term respite care services at an all-inclusive daily rate. Short-term stay residents receive the same amenities during their respite as our residents who proudly call Heritage Hills home. This will allow them, as well as you as their caregiver, the chance to know if Heritage Hills is the right community home for them if and when a longer term residence is needed or desired.

There are many reasons you might consider respite care at Heritage Hills, such as support care after a hospital stay, continued rehabilitation after a skilled nursing stay, a place to stay if an emergency has made your home unsafe or uninhabitable, or other needs that have arisen for the individuals or caretakers. There are numerous reasons this path may be right for you.


Make Heritage Hills Your Short Term Respite Care in Oceanside

Are you ready to make some changes now? Are you tired of feeling exhausted? There’s no need to feel guilty since evidence indicates short term respite care provides benefits for the senior individuals taking advantage of it as well as the caregivers. So, even if you are that caregiver needing a break, know you are doing the right thing for yourself by allowing yourself to rejuvenate personally and take care of other business while also letting the family members in your care meet new people, stimulate their brains for cognitive growth, and enjoy the benefits of a safe, community lifestyle.

Heritage Hills is the perfect place to do just this. It was designed with the singular purpose of creating the right environment for world-class memory care. Every living space and common area — even the building itself— speaks directly to the unique needs of our residents. Add to that an experienced staff of memory care professionals trained to understand the challenges our residents face and provide the personal care they need.

Short term care guests receive all the same advantages as our full time residents. If you are interested in a tour, we would love to show you all Heritage Hills has to offer your loved ones!