Did you know that unpaid care providers gave an estimated 18.2 billion hours of care in 2016? That is over $230 million worth of care. In general, you might not think twice about taking care of a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

In fact, most children who have parents that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are happy to donate their time. This might be because of their or their parent’s preconceptions of assisted living homes. In America, we have this idea that assisted living facilities aren’t very good, especially for people living with Alzheimer’s. While at one time there might have been some cause for this criticism, it is certainly no longer the case.

There are specific Alzheimer’s care facilities for elderly people suffering from this awful disease. Assisted living facilities have come a long way, but Alzheimer’s care facilities are in a league of their own.

What is a specialized care facility?

Broadly applied, a specialized care facility is any assisted caregiving home that specializes in a population of individuals with a common disadvantage. It this case we are talking about Alzheimers. Here’s how it is different.

A staff member reads a book with a senior woman

1. Staff

At a specialized care facility for Alzheimer’s patients, the staff must undergo strict training from superiors with years of experience in the field.

Caring for people with dementia of any kind can be difficult in many ways. The staff must be empathetic, warm-hearted, and understand how to engage with patients and encourage mental stimulation every single day.

2. Activities

Alzheimer’s care facilities take steps toward regularly implementing more intellectually engaging games and activities. Creating new memories has been shown countless times to be effective at slowing down further mental degradation.

Using the latest medical advancements in learning technology, the staff will tirelessly teach the residents and let the residents teach them.

A senior woman sitting up in bed shakes hands with her doctor

3. Hours

Almost all Alzheimer’s care centers are dedicated to 24 hour care. This gives patients the attention and comfort that they need.

While this can be demanding on the staff, their altruistic intentions motivate them to show your loved one the same level of care as they would for their own parent.

It is impossible to take care of your loved one alone without succumbing to emotional and physical exhaustion. The standard of care at Alzheimers specific facilities have never been better, and they are there to make your life easier and the life of your loved one comfortable and stimulating.