It is difficult to watch your parents age and even more difficult for them. The physical and mental changes that occur can be challenging and sometimes, impossible to handle on your own. Many children feel so much guilt when considering assisted living for their loved ones but there are fantastic options out there with the expert care and facilities needed. A care facility is oftentimes a must for those who have parents suffering from Dementia or other memory loss issues. You would not be able to provide the care needed to keep your parent safe, happy, and healthy.

Memory care units usually provide twenty four hour supervised care for their residents. If you want to do what’s best look into a reputable assisted living facility. There are so many myths and stigmas attached to nursing homes! Let’s dispel some of those right now!

A group of seniors enjoy a painting class

Your loved one will be lonely

This is simply not true. Your loved one will be surrounded by his/her peers with many social opportunities available. There are activities for the residents on a daily basis so that they can stay active, stay social, and stay happy! Friends and family are always welcomed to visit and excursions with them outside the community are available.

Many care facilities provide community support groups, allow pets to live with the residents, and have a compassionate and caring staff to provide support whenever needed.

Your loved ones will lose their independence

Your loved one (depending on his/her abilities) can decorate/furnish and personalize their own spacious apartment or room. They can choose what activities to participate in as well as what they would like to eat and when.

A huge benefit of assisted living is that the facility provides housekeeping and maintenance services, and this allows your parent to spend the day as he/she sees fit. They encourage independence and privacy as long as their residents are safe.

A waitress serves breakfast to two seniors at a nice restaurant

Assisted living facilities are depressing

If you do your due diligence and properly research the care facilities available (for memory care or assisted living) you will find that many provide resort style living! With restaurant style dining, spacious living accommodations, and even a full time concierge your parents could be living in luxury with people their age and experts who can help focus on their physical, spiritual and social wellness.

There is nothing depressing about that. You can also go visit whenever you want!

Unfortunately, everyone has to age. Your loved ones will get older and you should have a plan in place for the time they may need more care than you can provide at home. Look into credible assisted living facilities that have your loved ones best interests in mind. Now you know that a nursing home does not mean lost independence, limited social life, and depressing surroundings.

Share this information with your aging parent and come up with a plan together. You will find it helps both of you to look at the options and it will provide peace of mind to know that you are picking a facility that your loved one has approved of.