Though most people are excited at the prospect of settling down and retiring, others worry what will fill their days when they don’t have to go to work. Your career provided a routine, a steady income, a reliable form of social interaction each day. It’s normal to be scared to retire but keep in mind that there are many great things to look forward to.

Two seniors with luggage headed to travel together

1. You can travel

One of the perks about retirement is all the free time you get to fill. The average age for retirement is only 63, meaning you’ve worked hard at one job for a long time to be able to retire so early!

Use that energy and cash to travel to your dream destination. Better yet, go to ​multiple​ destinations. Stay at bed and breakfasts in Europe. Visit Hawaii. Go to the next town over. You have free reign to go wild.

2. You can stay up late and play video games

As a kid, you were constantly told what to do by your parents. When video games came around, you might have been able to play with your kids but you never got the chance to truly ​indulge​. Regardless, staying up late at night is great for the night owl who had to go in every morning for an early shift.

A senior on a motorcycle flashes a peace sign at the camera

3. You can start new hobbies or pick up old ones

Whether you’re into sports, writing, or trains, you finally have the chance to become a professional at your hobby of choice. Whether you’ve always wanted to try out origami or you hate that you never had time to do yoga because of your job, retirement gives you the time to explore the many skills, hobbies, and activities you weren’t able to enjoy before.

4. You can live in a community of your peers

Senior living facilities are a great way to connect with people your own age. It can be hard to form relationships with people in your immediate area and the idea of moving into a retirement community or 55-plus community sounds great. You’re able to connect with people who share similar interests and experiences; on top of that, you get to participate in daily activities, move somewhere new, and get all your pesky lawn care done for you. If you find yourself needing additional help, assisted living facilities are great options for those who need a hand now and then.

While many seniors in their 60s resemble a young 40-year-old, others need specialized care in their retirement. Alzheimers treatment is an unfortunate necessity for many seniors as they age. Memory care facilities are able to manage your medication, bills, and health needs through a specialized caregiver. These locations offer Alzheimers treatment plans and specialized care for any retired individual who suffers from dementia or needs Alzheimers treatment.